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Victory on Canvas

It’s about conquering yourself, in every aspect of life.

It’s about the essences of life which reach far beyond thinking.

It’s about the manifestation of those essences;

Going with the flow of life and thus reaching your destination.

Curricul​um Vitae

Henk Stemerdink

"Henk Stemerdink grew up surrounded by nature where he developed a love for all things alive.

Expressing that creativity is like imagery to him.

Thus he ‘paints’ when designing his garden.

‘From an early age on I have had my own garden, in which scents, shapes and colours are important. I allowed nature to take its course and I played with coincidences. Existing elements proved to be sources of inspiration rather than obstacles.​" 


Arts’ Academy, ARTEZ, Arnhem (1982-1987) The Netherlands

Art sales

Stemerdink has sold his work on regular basis to national and international private devotees. The paintings are part of private collections in The Netherlands, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Russia, United States, Jordan, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa


Arts form

 Oil paint and acrylic on canvas or board

Size : from 20cm x 20 cm to 2m x 2m

Genre  : energetic paintings



Colourful; realistic and abstract Nature, Inner-landscapes, 

- paintings on commission



Stemerdink had large overview exhibitions of his work from 2006 till now: 

Marbella, Spain, Bremen, Germany, Warsaw, Poland, London, Engeland, 

Amsterdam, Arnhem, Leeuwarden, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Lisse, Brummen..... Netherlands 



Exhibitions 2024


Permanent, Atelier Waardeel 15, 6996 Drempt. 


4 oktober '23 t/m 12 februari '24, Galerie Randerode Apeldoorn

Zuster Meyboomlaan 10, 7334 DV Apeldoorn


15 januari tot 15 april,  Landgoed Laag Soeren

tentoonstelling "Innerlandscapes"  met Abstracte schilderijen van de afgelopen 30 jaar

Badhuislaan 25, 6957 DB Laag-Soeren


3 en 4 februari, Art Eindhoven


3 februari tot 4 april , Slingeland Ziekenhuis Doetinchem

"Het landschap in seizoenen"

Kruisbergseweg 25, 7009 BL Doetinchem


27 april t/m 3 mei, Kapel Bronkhorst, 10u-18u, Bovenstraat in Bronkhorst.

9 mei tot 12 mei Kunst4daagse Bronckhorst, Open atelier,10u-18u, Waardeel 15 Drempt 


27 t/m 30 juni St Joriskerk Voor Drempt, 10-16.30u,  Kerkstraat 1, 6996 AE Drempt


29 juli t/m 3 augustus, Dorpskerk Vorden, Kerkstraat 2-6, 7251 BC Vorden


 deelname diverse Kunstmarkten

* Fêtes des Arts, Roermond/ 19 mei

* Buren/26 mei, 

Hengelo Overijssel.Tuindorp/ 16 juni

* Vive la France, Hummelo/ 13 en 14 juli

* Kunst in Vaals/ 20 en 21 juli

* Kunstmarkt Spaarndam 10 augustus

* Bathmen/ 7 september

*Art Dorestad, Wijk bij Duurstede/ 6 oktober



  • Creating a painting

A look at my studio

View from my studio on the garden that is still a source of inspiration


What our customers are saying

Colourful, fluent, in motion. The Inner Landscapes by Henk Stemerdink are works of art that are alive. They affect you, the audience, in your soul and they move your inner self

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